Posted 12 days ago
Yes we remain open for takeout ... We love you KW and we want to remind you that you are the reason we are still open, may our love and great-fullness never go unnoticed 🤍 We must say we are very tired of consistently having to post open and closed and shortened or new hours .. this being ours and many local businesses THIRD time closing up our livelyhood , our clean , safe , covid free , safer than costco family run restaurant... Gone are the days of living free and proud in a province that actually has their shit together ... try something this many times and a year later it’s still not “stomping the curb”? Maybe take a new action plan .. Let us open up at 50% capacity for a hot minute and shut us right back down again? What a damn rollercoaster ... Make up your mind before you play around with the masses, with our money, with our mental health ... As we put away our new heaters, stack up our patio tables, turn off our reservations and shorten our hours, lay off our staff we just brought back, let food , our money and further efforts go to waste once again we sit here and wonder when we will truly be “all in this together”


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